We help children with dyslexia discover the world of reading. We provide, without cost, state-of-the-art, multisensory reading and written language intervention.


We offer training and scholarships for those interested in receiving Initial Level Certification as tutors in the Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Method.


We aim to increase public awareness of dyslexia, providing resources to help people better understand the scope of the disorder.

Tutoring Waitlist

Tutoring Waitlist

Madison Area Children’s Dyslexia Center keeps a waitlist of students. If you are in need of tutoring, please reach out to ensure your student’s name is on the waitlist.

Walk for Dyslexia

Saturday, May 18, 2024

8:30 AM

Families and community members can gather in beautiful spring weather to make strides in raising awareness for dyslexia and our tutoring programs.


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