Impact Report

2022 Madison Area Children’s Dyslexia Center Annual Report

Annual Report

September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

Read more about the high-level impact that Madison Area Children’s Dyslexia Center had over the past year. The Center is proud to share that 27 students completed the program at the Center this year!

FY2022 CDC Madison Annual Report


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Children’s Dyslexia Centers National Impact Report

Our program not only helps children with dyslexia, it trains educators so that they can instruct children with dyslexia in the methods that will equip them for success. It all begins with educator training. We have trained over 4,000 educators, maintain credentials for over 1,400 and have approximately 400 tutors on our paid staff. As a result of our training program, we have been able to tutor over 15,000 children in our Centers.




David L. Sharkis
Director of Operations
Children’s Dyslexia Centers



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